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Folk Art | Carvings | HAG001 | Deer Cane
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HAG001 | Deer Cane at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery

HAG001 | Deer Cane

Gary is a Kentucky carver. This cane was purchased from Gary in 1991.

Excerpt from Kernel Press, 1995
"Gary Hargis never stops creating. "I guess you could call me an obsessive, compulsive, obsessive artist. I never stop creating whether with the wood or in my mind," said Hargis, an Owensboro native.

Hargis who is a Vietnam War Veteran suffers from bi-polar disorder, but overcomes this disability by gratifying his passion for art.

Even on his journey to the campus from Owensboro, he stopped to pick-up suitable sticks for carving that he saw along the road.

Varying in shapes from children to phones to snakes, the canes are all hand-painted or shellacked by Hargis himself."

Carved and painted wood, signed Hargis

height: 39 1/2 in

Other views: