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Outsider Art | Dan Casado | Biography
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Dan is a self-taught artist, born in Argentina in 1956. In 1981 he moved to Spain, and in 2003 he settled for 10 years on the volcanic island of ElHierro, one of the Canary Islands selected by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. There, he began making works transforming found objects into pieces of art: paper collages and sculptural assemblages. In October 2013 he and his artist wife settled their home-studio in the mountains of the Natural Park of Millevaches in La Creuse, France.. They have participated in many exhibitions around the world (France, USA, Spain, Thailand...). They are members of Who-Ha-Da-Da Outsider Art Group and Neo-Outsiders, the international group of artists.

In his highly colored portraits, he combines natural elements with pasted newspapers. He plays on the transparency of the medium to create backgrounds that are rich in detail. Text rubs shoulders with paint in perfect harmony. Dan defines the various figures (people, animals) by thick black outlining to make them stand out better. His works offer an alternative to reality by transporting us to a happy dream world.

In Dan’s words:

Reinventing human and animal forms,
freely finding and showing the hidden figures
inside found papers and materials,
I wonder about human relations,
the possibility/impossibility
of communication, affections and illusions.

Art is the tool to re-construct the world.
Art is my key.

Daniel Casado (1956 - ) Spain

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