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Loring Cornish
Baltimore, Maryland

Loring Cornish is an artist who credits his talent and his work to the Lord. Brought up in Baltimore and never graduating High School Loring decided that he was going to move out to Los Angeles and pursue an acting career. 

In 1999 his life would be changed forever when he visited a friend who was dying of AIDS. His friend weighed less than 98 pounds and Loring new that he had a higher calling to his life beyond the thought of an acting career which had left him feeling useless and unfulfilled. Loring moved in with his friend and took care of him until he was introduced to an experimental program at UCLA and received medicine which essentially saved his life. When his friend had recovered God told him to move on. 

Loring then found a home in Silverlake, California and got a job restoring and selling vintage shoes in Hollywood. During this time Loring had been working on artwork which included Mexican tiles that his sick friend had given him and had been selling a few of the items online. Still, this wasn’t enough to make rent, so he was evicted in the summer of 2001. He asked God what to do and he told him to take three pieces of his work and travel back to Baltimore which he did. When he left the landlord began tearing down the walls that he had spent so much time constructing. A neighbor saw this occurring and offered the landlord money to cease this and preserve the work. The Los Angeles Times had begun to hear about the house and ran two stories about it, generating some publicity. 

Loring, however was living in Baltimore and had no idea that this was occurring, but God told him to call up a friend and they informed him of the press having interest in the house. Loring traveled back to Los Angeles and managed to ship back several pieces, even selling some there. Loring stayed an extra two years and moved back to Baltimore for good in 2003.

He has made himself a home in Druid Hills, Maryland; transforming his home into a piece of artwork, encasing every surface in glass, tile, wood, metal, and found objects. His work focuses on inspiration and is devotional to his religious beliefs. Students and underprivileged children visit his home where he hopes that they find hope and inspiration in his work. 

Lorning Cornish Biography picture at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery

Loring Cornish in his home

A view  from inside Loring Cornish's Home

A view  from inside Loring's Home

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