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Outsider Art | Nina Bidault | Biography
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Nina was born in Madagascar. She was the eldest girl of 10 children raised with “love and authority” by her parents.  She now lives in France with her husband and three children. Below are her comments:

“I was born 36 years ago in a small three wooden hut village in the far countryside of south west Madagascar. I grew up there with no idea of what could be art as struggling for everyday life took all our energy and didn't leave any room for leasure nor non productive activities...
When I met my husband, I was 20 years old and still had never seen any painting or artwork.
My enlightenment came a few years later, living in France by then, when my father in law first bought some colors for our kids, I tried to put some colors on paper, enjoyed and soon it became essential to my life and my well being. I became a compulsive painter, producing all day long with no other purpose than the act itself.
Self-taught, and therefore free from any influence or any reference, I experimented with frenzy to embody my emotions and, through them, to crystallize the universality of human feelings. I work in acrylic on canvas or paper, mainly impasto that I reworked later with tools that I create myself. Everything can become a new tool in my hands to find new textures, new reliefs.
Each of my works is the result of a story, an emotion, a feeling, that I'm trying to recreate both by the subject and the background. Love, passion, doubt, anger and betrayal is fickle feelings that sub-tend my work in a halfway between the figurative and the abstract. I flush my inner world with no filter, with all my energy in order to stay alive.”

“I also tried to describe you what were the feelings that drove the painting. I have to say that it was quite challenging as I'm an instinctive painter and I don't have a structured approach when I start an artwork. It's more like a kind of automatic painting that comes from my inner world, sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes just by looking at the clouds for energy. I usually prefer to let people build their own story when looking at my paintings rather than provide them a direction that might not be aligned with their feelings.”

Nina Bidault work pictures at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery

Nina Bidault Outsider Folk Art Gallery Biogaphy
Nina Bidault (1977 - )
Villejuif, France

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