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Outsider Art | Barry Marcus | Biography
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Barry Marcus creates images in-between: Photographs that skirt the boundaries between the camera and the paint brush; between representation and abstraction.

Through a process unconstrained by conventional notions of photographic perfection, Barry offers fresh perspectives that encourage the viewer to suspend expectation and call upon the immediacy of imagination and experience.

While many of Barry’s photographs are multi-layered and complex, each one is a single image - no double images or digital overlays. According to Barry, “I am looking for something I haven’t encountered before to discover what appears on the spot! I am curious about underlying truths that are primal, unconscious and immediate.”

Born in Chicago in 1946, Barry has always had a strong connection to the visual arts. As a child he loved to visit the Art Institute and was drawn to deceptively childlike works of artists like Paul Klee and Joan Miro. Later he found a passion for iconoclastic and psychological expressions from Dadaists to Surrealists. Falling in love with Art Brut and Outsider Art was a natural extension of his journey. It isn’t surprising that Barry has had a long career bridging the creative arts to the therapeutic community, serving as a Mental Health practitioner, director and collaborating artist.

Encouraged by the raw honesty of the primal art that has moved and inspired him over the years, Barry has sought to find his own visual voice. “Using a camera to make my art allows me to be mobile and explore the mystery of whatever surrounds me. My lens is a microscope, a telescope and a stethoscope all at once. Every excursion is a treasure hunt; a search for secrets of the heart. I am looking for life wherever I can find it and I find it everywhere and in-between.”
Barry Marcus Biography at the Outsider Folk Art Galllery Barry Marcus

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