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Outsider Art | Mary Stoudt | Biography
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Mary Stoudt has been creating, exhibiting, and selling her art done in a variety of media for over forty years. Her innovative quilts have gained national recognition.

“Since the 70’s I have been stitching, weaving, making paper, creating mixed media all to create diverse works some of which have been described by critics as being whimsical and spiritual. In 2003 I started layering fabric in a grid-like fashion. Simply put, I visualize the quilt composition, its colors and forms in my head and then as I move through the process I improvise details. I love the warmth, the flexibility, the play of color and textures of quilt making.”

Mary has an M.S. degree in Art Education from Kutztown University. She taught in Berks County, PA for thirty years.

Mary’s daughter, Sybil Roe Thompson, is an artist who also creates work in a grid-like fashion using colorful paints on a variety of media to show interiors, exteriors, and elaborate patterns. Please view her works on the website of the Outsider Folk Art Gallery.
Mary Stoudt Biography at the Outsider Folk Art Gallery
Mary Stoudt

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