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”I see my ideas in my head. For example, I can see an entire room or building in detail just by thinking about it. I don’t bother with a camera”.

At an early age, Sybil Roe Thompson was diagnosed as being severely autistic. As a preschooler, she had a vocabulary of about eight words and a fierce destructive energy. Endless rounds of speech therapy, hydrotherapy, group therapy, dance therapy and countless hours of individual mental health treatment brought her into a world where she could communicate and be self-sufficient with minimal assistance.

She has a phenomenal memory which serves her visually when she draws her detailed scenes and designs, including interior and exterior scenes. Sybil has been painting furniture and has done a series of paintings on the architecture of Reading, Pennsylvania where she lives. She also loves to paint small wooden decorative pieces.

Sybil’s work has been featured in many art shows in the Reading area.  She had a three artist show at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in January, 2016.  She had a two-artist show at Magic Gardens in Philadelphia from July 14th to September 10th, 2017.


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